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Why should I use a Heavy Lift Helicopter?

Helicopter heavy lift services have become an increasingly flexible and cost efficient method of moving heavy or awkward loads. As buildings continue to get larger and taller, and cities become more dense and clustered, the need for innovative moving methods becomes more important and necessary.

What is Black Hawk Heavy Lift?

Black Hawk Heavy Lift is a heavy lifting helicopter company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We utilize a fleet of Black Hawk Sikorsky UH-60A and UH-60A+ helicopters, which are an extremely versatile platform for lifting heavy or oddly-shaped objects.

Helicopter lifting services, also known as aerial crane services, can efficiently move large objects in situations where standard ground-based cranes struggle to perform.

Black Hawk Heavy Lift is a division of United States Aviation, which provides a wide range of services, including executive charters, heavy lift helicopters and FBO (Fixed Base Operator) flight services. Founded by aviation Pioneer Roger Hardesty, Black Hawk Heavy Lift aims to continually innovate and re-define the heavy lifting industry.

What jobs are ideal for a heavy lift aerial crane?

There are several good reasons to consider an aerial crane or heavy lift helicopter rather than using a ground crane:

  • Doing a job on a tall building.
  • Lifting objects onto a very wide building.
  • Working in an area with densely clustered buildings or in a high-congestion area.
  • Moving awkwardly-shaped items that don't fit into a standard ground crane.
  • Working within a small loading area.
  • Working in areas with rivers and trees or other geographical impediments.
  • Lifting to or from an uneven ground or slope.
  • Working on a job that requires multiple lifts from several locations.
  • Doing a job that requires multiple lifts in a short time frame.
  • Any lift requiring a payload of up to 8,000 pounds.

Sikorsky Black Hawk in Action - What does a heavy lift job look like?

A Black Hawk can pick up a payload of up to 8,000 pounds. The attached sling load is then picked up and lifted vertically up to almost any height, and can far exceed height limitations of a ground-based crane. See the Black Hawk in action here:

Black Hawk Heavy Lift YouTube Page