Look at that poor crane boom. Just sitting there as the Black Hawk UH-60A does things it only dreams of. At Black Hawk Heavy Lift, we make safety a priority and are committed to a precise and efficient sling load lift.

We lift heavy things.

Providing Heavy Helicopter Lift Services Across the Globe

We lift heavy things.

The Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk is as tough as it looks. The Black Hawk has lift capacity up to 8,000 pounds per lift, which is ideal for jobs that are difficult or impossible to perform with a ground-based crane. At Black Hawk Heavy Lift, helicopter sling load service lifts are our specialty.

We understand you have jobs that have specific project management demands, timing challenges, and specific budget responsibilities. Black Hawk Heavy Lift is uniquely positioned to deliver to you all of these essential requirements to ensure successful execution.

As a division of United States Aviation, located at Hanger 35 at Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have more than 35 years of aviation operations experience and have achieved some of the industry's highest national and internationally recognized safety ratings. Our civilian and military-trained pilots have combined experience of over 8,000 flight hours on the Black Hawk helicopter. Both Black Hawk helicopters are certified under FAA Rotorcraft External Load Operating Certificate FAR Part #133 #1USL530O.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, heavy lift helicopter crane operations with the Black Hawk can be more cost-efficient and save valuable time versus use of a standard ground-crane operation because of the repositioning time and expense, along with the limited boom reach of the ground-crane. The Black Hawk allows us to pick things up from a centralized staging location and put things down very quickly, with the highest commitment to safety and accuracy.

Let the baddest helicopter on the planet and our extensive experience make any heavy lift simple for you.